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Instant Interest for Windows

"Run Time Error '339' Component 'TODG6.OCX' not registered: file missing or invalid."

This error occurs when you install the 32-bit version of Instant Interest to a network file server drive and then try to run the application from that drive without doing a user workstation installation.   Installing Instant Interest to run from a network is a two step process.  You have only completed the first step.  After installing the application to the network, you need to run setup.exe from the directory to which you installed Instant Interest on the network file server for each user.  This copies some needed files to the user's local machine and sets up the user's default file locations for saving their data.

For more information see "Planning Your Installation" in the Instant Interest user manual:  This section includes an overview of the various installation options as well as a step by step guide to the installation process.