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IconBasic Concepts
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IconInstant Interest Defaults
IconSpecial Cases
IconTax-Motivated Underpayment
IconCalifornia, Federal, and Virginia - Large underpayments ("Hot interest")
IconFederal, Alabama, Arizona, and Virginia - Large corporate overpayments
IconArizona Tax Amnesty
IconCalifornia - Handling Large Underpayments for Group Returns
IconColorado - Discount for Early Payment
IconDelaware - Interest on Refunds
IconFlorida - Tax Amnesty Program
IconFlorida, New York City, and Utah - Interest rate fixed based on Due Date
IconIllinois - Lower interest rate for first year
IconIowa - Rounded Monthly_Rate
IconMassachusetts - Simple Interest on Refunds after July 1, 2003
IconMissouri - Refunds for amended returns
IconNew Jersey - Lower interest on extensions granted or discretionary reductions
IconOklahoma -- Option to waive tax penalties and interest
IconOregon - Additional 4% for Delinquencies after 60 days
IconOregon - Interest Rate Rounding and Effective Dates
IconTennessee - Interest rate fixed based on assessment date
IconTexas - 60 Day Grace Period
IconTexas - Change in Refund Rate
IconTexas Tax Due Dates
IconVirginia Tax Amnesty
IconApply Payments Option
IconNumber of Days in Calendar Year
Icon52-53 week taxpayers
IconAlaska Oil and Gas Production
IconFiling Extensions
IconIRS State of Record
IconInstant Interest Consistency Checks
IconExample 1 - Calculating interest from a date other than the due date of the return
IconExample 2 - Calculating an assessment from an assigned date
IconExample 3 - Netting interest against subsequent interest due
IconExample 4 - Restricted interest
IconExample 5 - Credit elect
IconExample 6 - Ohio - Interest on assessment
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IconTax Jurisdictions Tracked by C&C Software
IconNotes on Calculations
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