Instant Interest

Instant Interest performs interest calculations on underpaid and overpaid corporate income tax for all state tax jurisdictions plus federal, New York City, and Washington, D.C. All interest rates from 1950 are included.

But interest rates change quarterly, you say? C&C Software also offers a very cost-effective quarterly maintenance plan for Instant Interest so you will always have the most current rates. You’ll never have to spend time researching rates again!

In addition, Instant Interest allows you to perform interest calculations for other tax jurisdictions by permitting you to enter nearly any set of parameters conceivable, as well as allowing you to maintain rates for any jurisdiction not carried in the Instant Interest rate file. It also includes logic to handle a wide variety of special cases.

With so many features built in, you just have to fill in a few blanks and Instant Interest does the rest. Instant Interest is a snap to use. You’ll get instant, accurate answers. And our customers rave about its user-friendliness. You’ll be amazed how fast you can learn to use Instant Interest.

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