User’s Manual

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Planning Your Installation

Installing Instant Interest

     Standalone Installation

     Installing Instant Interest to Run from a Network File Server

    Creating an Icon

     Apply Updates

        Internet Updates
        Applying the Update

Starting Instant Interest

        Specifying a Parameters Folder

Basic Concepts


     Form Elements

        Text Fields
        Combo Boxes
        Command Buttons

Input tabs (main input forms)

    Standard Input
    Easy Calculation
    Custom Calculation
    Rate Maintenance

            Add Jurisdiction
            Add Interest Rate

Calculating an Interest Schedule

Dealing with Output


     File Submenu

        Save As

Settings Submenu

        Proxy Server/Firewall
        Opt In/Out of CD Updates

Tools Submenu

        Find Files
        Tax Calendar
        Apply Update

Help Submenu

        Search for Help On
        Online Manual (from Internet)
        Obtaining Technical Support
        About Instant Interest

Command Buttons


        Tax Calendar
        Print Rate
        File Find
        View Rates

Instant Interest Defaults

Special Cases


Notes on Calculations




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