Instant Interest Manual – Workstation Installation

This page gives you step-by-step instructions for performing an installation that connects a user workstation to launch Instant Interest from a copy of the program that has been installed on a network file server or other file share location. The workstation installation presumes that you have already installed Instant Interest to a shared location. You can view an online tutorial concerning configuring a workstation to run Instant Interest from a network server of file share at or read the instructions below.

To perform a workstation installation, navigate to the network location to which Instant Interest was previously installed. You can either run iiWkSetupMenu.exe or iiWkSetup.exe from that location. The first thing you may see is a User Account Control prompt that asks you if you want to allow the install program to make changes on your computer.


If you see this prompt, it will show the publisher as Sam Logic, the developer of the installation software Instant Interest uses. To continue, say “Yes” to this prompt.

The first thing the installation program displays is a Welcome panel.


This panel reminds you of the two steps needed for a complete network installation. If you click “Next,” you will then be able to review the license agreement.


The Instant Interest workstation installation does not need any directories to be specified. Since the workstation setup program resides in the same directory on the network file share as Instant Interest does, the workstation install simply captures the path from which the installer is launched to identify the Instant Interest program directory. Thus, the next panel that is display after the license agreement prompts you to initiate the install.


When you click install, you will probably not see a progress bar. This is because the only file that the Instant Interest workstation setup puts on your computer is the initialization file. When the workstation setup is complete you will see the following panel:


You can now run Instant Interest from the network server location.

Important Note

Instant Interest uses Microsoft’s .NET Framework. At the completion of the installation, the installer will check your system to insure that you have a compatible version of .NET Framework installed. If not, it will prompt you to begin .NET Framework installation. Consult Microsoft’s documentation for any questions about or issues with .NET Framework installation.

Starting Instant Interest

After completing installation, you start Instant Interest.