Instant Interest Manual – Introduction

Instant Interest is a powerful, fast, and easy to use program which allows you to calculate the interest on delinquent and overpaid federal, state, New York City, and District of Columbia corporate income tax payments. This manual provides you with a guide to using Instant Interest as well as a feature by feature presentation of the capabilities of the program.

System Requirements

Computer: IBM PC or compatible microcomputer running a Windows family operating system.
Installation Media: You may either install Instant Interest from a CD that we will send to you or you can contact us to receive instructions for downloading the installation package from the Internet.
Storage Requirements: A network installation requires 70 MB of storage space on the network file share. The amount of space needed on the user’s machine for a standalone installation or a workstation install (meaning the program is running from the network) depends primarily on whether Microsoft’s .NET Framework has been previously installed. The Instant Interest modules for a standalone installation require slightly less than 11 MB of disk space. A workstation installation requires less than 1 KB of disk space. For user’s machines that do not have .NET Framework installed, please refer to Microsoft’s documentation for storage requirements.